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I am a recovering finance nerd and the professional wrangler of one human-like creature who everyone says looks just like me, only shorter and more fidgety. I have a couple of fancy degrees (Harvard, Stanford) which really just translates to "I am smaaahhht" and "I can handle things!!!" As you may guess, The Godfather Part II is my favorite movie.


In all forms of art, I'm drawn to the heartbreaking, inexplicable, real, and tragic and I deeply believe in the transformative power of a good cry. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve devouring the latest Shirley Conran, V.C. Andrews, Judith Krantz, Belva Plain or Pat Conroy under the covers with a flashlight and a bag of Ruffles, pretending to be asleep, while dreaming of creating books that readers would enjoy just the same. 

I crunched numbers by day (I like numbers very much, just not as much as words) and penned stories by night, and today I write woman-centric thrillers that feature strong, smart female characters who have their feet on the ground and their eyes on the prize.   

Currently, I can be found online on Twitter (@tessa_pacelli) on Instagram (@tessa.pacelli) and here on  

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