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Dark Unsettling Dirty Abandoned Desolate

Freezing Choking Ruined Angry Afraid Lonely 

Obsession Hatred Cold Pain Trauma

These are elements of the books I read.

These are the elements of the books I write.

My favorite motive is revenge.

My favorite emotion is rage.
My favorite feeling is dread. 

My favorite character arc is when my protagonist realizes that she (or he) is capable of far more than she expected ...  good and bad. 

In the "real" world, I'm a basic, normal NYC mom. You wouldn't blink twice at me. I've got the yoga pants, the wholesome snacks, the extremely cute kid :).   

Writing all of the above is how I make "normal" happen.

Speaking of "normal", find my blog, After Words, linked above and to the right. Everything when not writing. 


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