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Summer Treat Roundup

One of the best aspects having a 9 year old (and specifically mine) is an excuse and a partner to try every funky fun tasty odd bizarre food innovation NYC has to offer. She's an adventerous eater, loves NYC as much as I do, and will try anything at least once. However, sweets and desserts hold a special place in both our hearts. Creamy, chocolatey, salty, fruity, sticky, internationally famous (but new to NYC!!), tart, crunchy ...

If someone might call it "dessert", we are there.

And, LO, we take pictures:

Baked Alaska on a Stick, from Dominique Ansel Bakery


SIDENOTE: Remember (if you can) when the first time you or someone you know took a picture of food. I thought it was SO weird. Fast forward to today, where I take pictures of EVERYTHING!

Looking at our treats so far this summer, the list is HEAVY on the Dominique Ansel. We've gone for the aforementioned Baked Alaska on a Stick, the July cronuts (Lemon Poppyseed & Marscapone):

... the "cookie shot":

Branching out, we enjoyed the Pride Shake from Shake Shack:

Love everything about this treat!

The oversized pretzels at Little Island (not technically a dessert, but worth a mention!).

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention one that I made myself. This amazing Oreo Pie. Substituted fresh whipped cream for the Cool Whip. It was a HUGE HIT:

Who can say no to this?

What's next? Glad you asked. Van Leeuwen's Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ice cream, currently sold out. When the ice cream fairies restock it, we have a plan. Review forthcoming!

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